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This classical dance form focuses on technique, grace, discipline and musical awareness which will flow into each style of dance.  Ballet classes will be based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (RAD).


This is a very popular form of dance.  It's upbeat, fun, and dynamic.  We will explore the history of hip hop, different styles, and blending techniques together. 




This form of dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique.  Progressions include turns, kicks and leaps, learning how to use power mixed with style. 


The Pre-Competitive program is for dancers who want to get started in the world of competitive dance. It will run as a Ballet and Tap syllabus with the dancers participating in one dance competition with their 2 polished dances, or as a Jazz and Hip Hop syllabus, though dancers will only compete in one style. This class runs all year and is recommended for young dancers ages 7 and up who are serious about growing as dancers. 


This form of dance uses principals from both ballet and jazz.  Lyrical/Contemp are emotional styles that dancers have the opportunity to explore through a variety of different story lines, and outlets.


Tap is a fun, fast-paced style that teaches rhythm, counting and coordination.  Tap classes will be based on the Al Gillbert syllabus and free style.


Is a great introduction to dance. Your young dancer will learn the basics of dance in a fun exciting way. Creative movement will encourage self discipline, self-confidence while incorporating coordination, rhythm and basic dance steps.  This is for ages 3-4


 Your young dancer is full of energy and wants to have fun, and they will in Dance Mix. A variety of styles will allow dancers to grow their skills and explore the world of dance. While no prior experience is necessary, this is for ages 5-6

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